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Christian Record representatives have one goal in mind to help blind people be happy. They do this in three ways: by getting personally acquainted with them in their homes; by ordering reading materials for them; and by inviting them to participate in summer and winter camping programs. They also raise money to make it happen.

Visiting with people in their homes is a delightful experience for both the rep and blind persons. Strong and long-lasting friendships are developed. The CRS reps also seek to assist their blind friends in practical matters while in the homes.

Realizing that most blind people were formerly sighted and that being able to read is one of the most-missed joys of life, CRS reps ascertain the reading interests of the clients and order from our library the topics that match their interests. Reading materials come in braille, on cassette tape, and in large print.

Camps provide unforgettable weeks of fun, fellowship, and inspiration. The camp programs are a joy to the blind campers and bring great satisfaction to the reps who invited the campers.

Here is what CRS is all about:

  • Visiting that creates friendship
  • Reading materials that provide themes for reflection and challenge the mind
  • Camps that offer fellowship and fun.

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